Dolish May 2011

Dolish May 2011

Dolish Farmhouse a fine example of a former traditional Devon farmstead, complete with a range of traditional stone farm buildings including a former Threshing Barn, a Stable Barn & a Wagon House. There is a cobbled entrance yard and a rear enclosed partly cobbled yard. The buildings around the rear yard were formerly  Shippons for cattle, Dairy, Cider House, Washhouse and Creamery.



The Farmhouse from the bench at the end of the field

The Farmhouse from the bench at the end of the field

There are gardens around the Farmhouse and a small patio area off the Living Room. You are welcome to walk in the old orchard nearby where our chickens free-range and beyond into our pasture field (when there is no livestock grazing) – the bench at the far end of the field is a favourite spot!





New calf on Dolish Farm

The fields around Dolish are still farmed traditionally with sheep and cattle
but now based from a new farmhouse and farm buildings nearby.





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